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Selected Writing

Water, a poem by Shane Bryan
Do We Have A Right To Die?, an essay by Shane Bryan

Writing Resources

The Internet offers many resources for writers of all skill levels. Here are a few links to get you started. Writers need to read as well as write to improve their craft. Check out the great book club offers offered through our affiliate program with BooksOnLine and get lots of great reading material to keep your mind stimulated.

iVillage offers not only structured classes in a chat format but also provides opportunities for writers, as a community, to work together to improve each other's work.  This site has much to offer the writer.

iUniverse  This print-on-demand publisher offers almost everything you need to know about the publishing business.  iUniverse is a writer's dreamland.  Full of how-to information, affordable online classes, industry newsletters and informative chat rooms and message boards.

NovelAdvice features a huge twice-monthly "journal"; classes; an online bookstore and more.

The Writing Corner  WC is an online writing site featuring articles, tips, chat, conferences and resource links.  Writers under 18 should note the Rising Writers section, a showcase and resource designed for them.

Mydiary.com  Have trouble writing every day?  Set up an account at mydiary.com, a password protected diary service that will send you reminders if you don't.

Associated Writing Programs  You'll find a list of college and university writing programs, information on writer's conferences and centers, material on AWP resources, history, and news and inspiration from its publication, The Writer's Chronicle.

The Grammar Lady  Check out the Hit the Books section, the e-newsletter and the Typo of the Weak.

Author, Author!  A workshop community with story rooms set up for short stories, novels, poetry, novellas and nonfiction, as well as JAVA for real-time chats.  Also has lists of books recommended by members and several goof-off activities.

The Writer's Place  Features a guidelines database, a twice-monthly newsletter with news, instruction and markets, a weekly humor column and the daily cartoon Chicken Writer.

RoseDog.com  An interface for writers, publishers and agents, Rosedog offers its service at no cost to any party.  The software allows publishers and agents to search posted manuscripts by type and subject.

The Burry Man  Named for a Scottish folklore figure, The Burry Man offers original, practical advice on the business of writing, a monthly newsletter, chat room and more than 1,000 links.

Coffeehouse for Writers  Among other things, the site has reasonably priced online workshops, and writer can audit them for free.  This site has a monthly newsletter, workshops, a bookstore and sponsors contests.

Suite 101  Perfect for writers because there are more than 700 experts who can help one write anything from an article to a book.  There are thousands of articles.

Writer's Digest  Access daily publishing news at The Buzz, critique manuscripts to be published in Writing Clinic in upcoming issues and access even more writer's guidelines in the Big Guide to Guidelines.  You'll also find selected columns and extended versions of WD print interviews.

Fiction Writer online  You'll find a lot of material that isn't in the print version.  And if you've got writing-related questions, they've got writing-related answers.

Inkspot  There's market information, writing tips, author and editor interviews and networking opportunities.  Has all the information a writer needs no matter what genre you write in.

Artsforge's Wordforge  Among the site's appeals is the ability to write a story in conjunction with other online visitors.  The creativity and opportunity to write interactively with others is excellent.

All Mixed Up  This e-zine offers a lot to new unpublished authors.

WritersNet  Links to Web pages of published authors, editors, publishers and literary agents.

One Woman's Writing Retreat  Nice assortment of links and discussions of topics such as "what keeps you writing?"  This site has it all: exciting links, helpful articles, anything a new or an experienced writer needs.

The Rose & Thorn showcases emerging and established writers in a variety of genres, including short fiction, poetry, creative essays, humor, author interviews, writing tips and anything else of interest to a literary audience.  You'll also find writer's resources and a free information-packed newsletter.

Writers Write  Massive professional resource for editors, publishers and writers.  Site includes a searchable database of writer's guidelines, job listings, chat server, monthly magazine, links to online resources and more.

Writer's Guide to the Internet  Provides links with descriptions to online writing resources.

Writer's Nook Online  An online workshop and resource site for writers of all levels, whether established or aspiring, student or professional, and regardless of field or genre.

Writer's World  Online writers resource with links, articles, author interviews and other resources.

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Fun Stuff to Stimulate the Mind

The Onion  It's a great place to squeeze in a laugh at home or work, but it's also a good course in how to write funny.

Smoking Gun  The maverick investigators at The Smoking Gun dig up government documents and file Freedom of Information requests to bring you unusual news and contrary viewpoints to the mainstream.  Stories range from salacious to noble.

Disinformation  Fervent in its pursuit of media inaccuracies and full coverage.

Useless Information Home Page  All the worthless factoids you don't need but can't help ingesting to drop into conversations later.

Salon Magazine  Worth visiting for the Media columnists alone, this well-written, attractively produced Web magazine is the Web at its best: informative, intelligent and interesting.