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NOTE:  This page is still under development.  In time this page will contain features to make your searching even easier, as well as information on people finding via the Web.


Major Search Engines

Search Engines often cover different areas and may not always overlap.  If you don't find what you're looking for with one, try another, they may cover it.
  • Ask Jeeves  Finds answers to questions posed in ordinary day-to-day conversational language.  One fun part of this site is that it lists interesting questions users have posed to it.
  • Altavista  Comprehensive world search.  Has a natural-language feature where you can just type in your question.
  • DejaNews  This is the premier search engine for searching Internet newsgroups, those discussion forums that cover everything from homebrewing to laptop repair to raising reptiles.  You can also post to newsgroups through the site.
  • DogPile  This monster meta-search engine checks dozens of other search engines, newswires and newsgroups with one click.  Find out just how much internet information exists on a topic!
  • Excite  Conceptual-based search and channels.
  • Google  Listings are compiled by a potent spider-robot which reaches deep into the Internet.  Meta-search engine.
  •  The Internet's leading pay-for-performance search engine.
  • Hotbot  Vast up-to-date index aiming to help people keep abreast of technology.
  • Lycos  Your personal guide to the Internet.
  • Mamma  Meta-search engine which searches 10 of the top search engines and lists the results according to relevance.
  • Yahoo!  This is one of the oldest search engines.  Unlike most engines, sites here are all cataloged by real humans so you're less likely to find nonrelevant listings in your searches.  This is one of the busiest search engines on the Internet.
  • Webcrawler  Both keyword and conversational language query.


Lesser Known Search Engines

  • About  Expert guides to help you find, learn, and share.
  • Anaconda  Listing informative websites.
  • Fast Search  A fairly new search engine that promises to be speedy and comprehensive.
  • Final Search  One of the Internet's simplest and most effective search mechanisms.
  • FindInfo  The Internet's most accurate search engine with a database of over 300 milion websites.
  • Hotrate  If you're in a hurry, give Hotrate a try.  It finds the most relevant matches for your query and includes no more than 10 matches.
  • InfoJump  Gives you access to more than 5 million articles from 4000 publications and rates them within categories based on reviews submitted to the site.
  • Magellan  One of the original search engines.  It rates sites and offers editorial comment.
  • MetaCrawler  A thorough meta-search engine.  It also offers MiniCrawler, a compact search window to keep on your desktop and trim download time.
  • Nerdworld  Accurate search engine coupled with Subject Index, Bulletin Boards, and Assembly possibilities.
  • Raging  Providing users with the best pure search experience on the Internet.
  • SearchIQ  You will want to visit this site first if you're new to search engines.  Besides tips on how to run a successful search, you'll also find a list that ranks various engines by the types of searches they go best.
  • Splat!  An easy way to find exactly what you're looking for on the Web.
  • Starting Page  This is an easy to navigate site where you search by category rather than by words.
  • SuperCyberSearch  Search the entire Web in seconds with this ultimate search engine.
  • Search Engine Colossus: International Directory of Search Engines  Search Engine Colossus offers you links to search engines from 149 countries around the world!  Conduct exhaustive web searches.  Search the web using your choice of language.
  • SearchPower  This is a directory of more than 2000 search resources, such as EmploymentSearch, RealEstateSearch and MegaSearch.
  • Zeal  Web directory built by the knowledge and experience of Internet enthusiasts like you.


Specialized Search Engines

Specialized search engines are designed to search only for web sites pertaining to a particular topic.  They will filter out irrelevant web sites that ordinary search engines may uncover.
  • Argos  Limited area search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet.
  • ArgusClearinghouse  The Internet's Premier Research Library.
  • Britannica  The world's best Web sites, plus magazines, books, and the complete Encyclopaedia Britannica.
  • Educating.Net  Portal to education-related sites from around the world.
  • Education Web Search  Your first stop for finding Education sites on the Internet.
  • Hippias  Limited area search of Philosophy on the Internet.
  • Infomine  A scholarly internet resource collection containing websites selected and reviewed by University of California librarians.
  • Internet Public Library  A special collection, chosen to help answer specific questions quickly and efficiently.
  •  Librarian's index to the Internet.
  • Literature Classics  The first stopping point for students and academics researching any topic related to world literature.
  • Search Edu  Search over 20 million university and education pages.
  • Search Language  Helping students, teachers, and parents find a wide variety of the best language resources available on the web.
  • Study Web  Encyclopedia/Research resource for students.
  • Wisdom  Knowledge & Literary Search.
  • Embassy World  Websites of Embassies and Consulates around the world.
  • Home Business Central  A Web Portal narrowly focused on the selection and promotion of your own home business.
  • International Trade  The most comprehensive searchable database of international trade web resources on the Internet.
  • Investment Tools  The leading financial search engine on the Web.
  • MoneySearch  Progressive business information for investors.
  • Money Web  Today's premier international financial directory and resource guide.
  • Small Biz Search  Searchable directory of websites of interest to small business owners and entrepreneuers.
  •  Financial resource guide and stocks directory.
  • The Business Central  Business directory and index.
Law and Order
  • Citeline  Covering the breadth and depth of medical information worldwide.
  • CliniWeb  Providing quick and easy access to biomedical information on the WWW.
  •  Search engine for the Medical Community.
  • Med Guide  Medical and health search engine.
  • Meditory  Directory of medical and health related sites for both the consumer and the health care professional.
  • Med Web plus  Database of over 25,000 medical Web sites.
  • Mirago  Health/medical search engine.
  • Planet Amber  Health, medical, and disability resources search engine.
  • Alien Perspectives  Your guide to the paranormal.
  • AvatarSearch  Search engine of the Occult Internet.
  • Disinformation  Conspiracy theory-laden search engine to help you uncover web sites offering the "real truth" behind the pyramids of Mars, the sightings of black helicopters over America, film footage of Bigfoot, and the government secrets hidden in Area 51.
  • PARAseek  A free access search engine devoted entirely to paranormal topics.
  • Aardvark Travel  Sniffing out travel sites from around the world.
  • Atlas Navigator  Comprehensive global air travel directory for both air travellers and travel professionals.
  • Eurotrotter  The internet travel guide for Europe.
  • Gates 96 Geosearch  Browse the world web by geographic location.
  • Kasbah  World's largest travel search engine with over 150,000 links from 230 countries!
  • Quick March Explorer  World travel and tourism search engine.
  • The USA Guide  The USA travel and leisure search engine.
  • Travel-Finder  Your source for Internet travel resources.
  • Tyzo  One of the largest travel directories on the Net featuring tens of thousands of hand-picked travel websites organized in an easy-to-use directory format.  Tyzo's editors have strived to find travel sites which were "off the beaten path" and "out of the ordinary".
  • UK Travel Guide  The British travel and leisure search engine.
  • Affiliate Programs Directory  Featuring affiliate, associate, referral, and revenue-sharing programs which enable webmasters to earn commissions.
  • Associate Programs  Directory of the best revenue-sharing programs to help you make money from your web site.
  • AstaLaVista  Search engine for computer security related material.  Includes hacker-related programs and information such as computer viruses, Trojan horse programs, and password-cracking programs.
  • Graphic Design Portal  The ultimate reference for anyone looking for graphic design information.
  • Lecktronix  Where you can find "non-boring" webmaster resources, freebies, free clip art, and more.
  • Scour  Search for audio, video, and images.
  • WebmasterGate  Offering resources of interest to webmasters and web designers.
  • Web Savvy  Featuring information on website design, content development, graphics, programming, and newsletters.
  • WTS  Search for games, sounds, chat, and graphics.
  • Electronic Library  Search hundreds of full-text magazine and newspaper articles along with newswires, books, and TV and radio transcripts.
  • Fiction Search  The writers and readers search engine.
  • Pilot-Search  This literary search engine features more than 11,000 writing links, from anthologies to zines, views and MFA programs.
  • Planet Doom  Search engine for science fiction, fantasy and horror.
  • Writer and Market  Your comprehensive portal to writing sites on the web.