Miscellaneous Goodies

Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall  Graffiti is often referred to as "art crime" because even though it can sometimes be beautiful, it's still illegal.  Take a photo-tour of art crimes around the world.  Many of these places no longer exist, so this will be your only chance to see them.

Louvre Museum  Take a free tour of the Louvre Museum in Paris.  This is one of the greatest art museums in the world.  I've walked through its halls once many years ago and found the place thouroughly enchanting.  Their Web site offers much information about the museum as well as tours of many of their exhibitions and collections of famous paintings.  So until I can return again I'll have to walk their halls virtually.

World of Escher  M. C. Escher was not only a master of paradox and illusion, but he could draw an exquisite likeness of anything he could see or imagine.  Artists, mathematicians, scientists and the general consumer are all fascinated by his many graphic images on one level or another.  Whether he stimulates your eye or your mind, this site will be interesting to you.

Urban Legends Reference Pages  So you got your 384th email forward of the day and you're not sure whether the cookie recipe is real, if the Gap will send you free clothing or if starving children in Idaho need you to send emails to 10 of your friends so they can have a hot dinner tonight.  Urban Legends Reference Pages cuts through the bull to tell you exactly what's real and what's not.  Background references help clarify things and the site is laid out in a fun, informal way that will keep you coming back.

The next time you are feeling blue reach for a candy bar.  It may not be Prozac but scientists have found chocolate contains a chemical that helps counteract depression.

The Encyclopedia Mythica  An Encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, legends, and more.  With almost 6000 entries you should be able to find what you're looking for here.

Of Gods and Men  The definitive encyclopedia of mythology and legend.  This is a well designed site which is high in content and searchable.  A little slow loading due to lots of graphics but well worth the wait.

The zodiac, which means circle of life, is a band of stars that are situated loosely along the path that the sun travels over in the course of a year.

YogaBasics.com  Everyone's talking yoga these days and for those of you who don't know your Chakras from your Bhakti, its time to clue in.  And YogaBasics.com is here to help you through it.  The name says it all - start off by scrolling through all the different types of yoga, from Karma and Bhakti to Tantric and Kundalini.  Learn some basic movements of each type (with a library that includes 45 postures and is growing every day), run through the Yoga FAQ or explore the breathing techniques.  Check out YogaBasics.com today - hey, at least you can sound enlightened.

Get the Secret Recipe for Coca-Cola!  Did you ever wonder what really goes into this stuff?  Did it really have cocaine in it at one time?  Check it all out here.

Cornwell Estate  Buy 100% pure Kona coffee direct from Cornwell Estate in Hawaii.

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood."
-Madam Curie, Nobel Prize-winning chemist (1867-1934)

Pseudodictionary is the latest in neo-reference resources on the Web, and its a great one.  Close to 500 entries of slang, jargon, Web-speak, etc. are arranged nicely here for your perusal.  Having a rough night at the bars?  You might be interested to know that you're "totally otis."  Or maybe you're having a really cheesy encounter with a loved one - is there any better way to describe it than a "Dawson's Creek Moment"?  Keep up with the new dialect - at Pseudodictionary.com.