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White House  This site offers interesting content for everyone.  The Interactive Citizen's Handbook allows searching for government information by entering a question in plain English.  The President's weekly Saturday radio addresses are available in audio format.  In the Virtual Library and the Breifing Room you can browse and search the full text of White House documents and speeches.

Roman generals were so competitive with each other that they often waged foreign war just to rack up as many victories as possible. They got so out of hand, the Senate had to pass a law stating that 5,000 opponents needed to be killed in order for a general to declare a triumph.

U.S. Constitution  View the full text of the Constitution of the United States of America.  Or go straight to the Bill of Rights and the rest of the amendments.  Our Bill of Rights are fast being eroded by our government and the Supreme Court, mostly in the name of the "war on drugs".  Know what your rights are and fight for them before they disappear completely.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
---Benjanin Franklin

Consumer Information Center  This place is a clearinghouse for government pamphlets covering just about any consumer issue you can imagine.  It also includes a good deal of information about the federal government's own programs.  The best part of this site is that you can download any of the pamphlets for free.  There are plenty of health pamphlets too.  Check out this site for lots of useful information.

Documents Center  A great source for getting to the official documents behind today's news stories.  Get official documents, statements by government officials, press releases, speeches and background papers from the United Nations, nongovernment organizations, the U.S. government, and other countries around the world.

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet  This well-executed site contains the full text of all versions of House and Senate bills searchable by key words or bill number, the full text of the Congressional Record, resolutions, and links to House member e-mail directories, calendars, and latest daily schedules.

Federal Information Center (FIC)  Have you ever tried to find an answer to a simple question about the U.S. Federal Government and ended up on a merry-go-round of referrals?  Or have you ever had a question about the U.S. Federal Government that was so difficult that you didn't even know where to begin?  The Federal Information Center can help you.  It has specially trained its staff to answer your questions or to direct you to the person with the answer in the U.S. Federal Government.

Food and Drug Administration  The FDA has a home page with news and information about their latest investigations and approvals.  There's plenty of information on cosmetics, food labeling and food safety, and downloadable consumer information files.

Intelligence Agencies  Learn about intelligence agencies of the world, terrorism, and more.

GovBot  Use these fast and subject-specific government search engines to find information about the US government:  IRS documents, Customs Services, NTIS, US Law Code, legislative information, OSHA regulations, and many other agencies and departments.

U.S. Government Web Sites Directory  If you're looking for specific government information, this web site is the place to begin.  Every government server is listed here, complete with links, and they're all organized into alphabetical subject areas.

EPIC: Electronic Privacy Information Center  Here you can stay current with the issues, monitor the actions of government, and alert yourself to actions you can take to protect your privacy.  In addition to coverage of hot topics and issues threatening privacy rights, there is also an excellent interactive and links-rich guide to privacy issues on the Internet, and an online copy of the EPIC's regular newsletter covering electronic privacy issues.

Fight For Your Right to Electronic Privacy!  Wired magazine maintains this index of articles and resources devoted to electronic privacy issues, including wiretapping, cryptography and the Communications Decency Act.  Highlights include columns by the perpetually enraged and always insightful Brock Meeks, and links to organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.

Liberty Tree  This is where you will find many items about personal and economic freedom, American history, politics, the environment, current hot issues, education and home schooling, and political humor.  You'll also find news and essays about important issues, along with links to many other Web sites that also deal with the concepts of personal liberties, free markets, government reform, and linited government.

During a protest in Derry against the British policy of holding suspected IRA members without officially charging them, some Irish citizens began throwing rocks at British soldiers. The Paras were called in, and the violence quickly escalated. When the fight was over, 13 demonstrators lay dead and 13 others were wounded. January 30, 1972, will be forever known in Irish history as Bloody Sunday.

The Smoking Gun brings you exclusive documents -- cool, confidential, quirky -- that can't be found elsewhere on the Web.  Using Material obtained from government and law enforcement sources, via Freedom of Information requests, and from court files nationwide, they guantee everything to be 100% authentic.

The Freedom of Information Act  What is the FOIA and how do you use it?  How does it compare to the Privacy Act?  This brochure from the Consumer Information Center will explain all this. Also includes the full text of the FOIA.

FEN: Free Expression Network  An alliance of organizations dedicated to protecting the First Amendment right of free expression and the values it represents, and to opposing governmental efforts to suppress constitutionally protected speech.

Libertarian Party  If you share the Democrat's ideal of equal rights and civil liberties for all, embrace the Republican's affection for free markets and limiting government, but don't think either party really understands what these things are all about , the Libertarian Party may offer a viable alternative. This is the Libertarian headquarters on the Net, and you'll be able to learn more about its philosophy, positions, and activities.

LibertyOnline  This great site contains full text versions of many of the documents and writings upon which the ideals of this country were founded.  Includes the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, writings by Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and more.

The Progressive Directory  The Institute for Global Communications brings you a link to progressive political resources from environmental issues to labor concerns.  Updated current events, alternative news sources, and a directory of organizations are also included.

Votelink  Here, you can register to vote weekly on world, national, and your own state and local issues -- whether to raise taxes to reduce the federal deficit or eliminate all affirmative action programs, for example -- and make a difference.  Votelink staff tallies the votes and publishes them at the end of each week in digest form to news media, Congress, and the White House.  You also have the opportunity to send feedback, provide suggestions for upcoming topics, and participate in town meetings by posting your comments in a public forum.


The Drug Reform Coordination Network was founded in 1993 and has quickly grown into a national network of nearly 20,000 activists and concerned citizens including parents, educators, students, lawyers, health care professionals, academics, and others working for drug policy reform from a variety of perspectives, including harm reduction, reform of sentencing and forfeiture laws, medicalization of currently schedule I drugs, and promotion of an open debate on drug prohibition.

DRCNet opposes the prison-building frenzy and supports rational policies consistent with the principles of peace, justice, freedom, compassion and truth. Each of these has been comprimised in the name of the Drug War.

Here are a few selected articles from The Week Online with DCRNet that I thought to be noteworthy: